From the Menu, Launceston
From the Menu, Launceston
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The fact that Tasmania is a foodie destination is no longer a secret, The air is the freshest on the planet, having travelled half way around the world uninterrupted before landfall, the chocolate brown soil is deep and rich and the climate and rainfall all team together to make a growing climate like no other.

The locals have always known that the produce in the region is exceptional, and so it stands to reason that any chef worth his or her salt would take advantage of this natural bounty to help create their magic in the kitchen. Using the freshest of produce and the best possible ingredients, the recipes in this book come alive.

From the Menu Launceston brings together recipes that showcase the work and recipes of 28 restaurants from around the city. Innovative menus, matched with world class produce is always a winning combination, and the recipes in this book will open up a whole new series of taste and flavour sensations that can be enjoyed at home with over 50 recipes and 240 pages of stunning colour.

This book serves as a timely reminder of the quality and depth of experience that the local chefs in Launceston bring to their craft, and to the rich variety of dishes, tastes and flavours that can be found on even the most cursory survey of the local restaurants, cafes and hotels.

Book Details:

This book is hardcover with dustjacket, 240pgs, full colour, 280 mm x 210 mm portrait format.

Published in 2015 by: Philip Kuruvita Photography
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