Landscape and art photography - the stuff Philip does just for the love of it!

Most photographers you talk to will tell you that they got into the industry because they just love taking pictures. All too often, however, this passion gets left behind in the struggle to create a business and earn a living. Very early on, I realised that the reason I loved photography was because it allows me to describe the world, not only in terms of what I saw, but also how I felt at the time.
Over the last 25 years, I have had a series of exhibitions which feature my landscape and art photography
- the stuff I do just for the passion!

When you work full time as a photographer shooting assignments for other people, it is really nice to go out with no one to please but myself. To make images that are my reaction to the landscape that I see around me. I have been so fortunate that this personal work has been appreciated by other people who have wanted to have it in their homes and offices, however its primary role is to fulfil a need that I have to document my world.