Eat Drink Love Tasmania

Having produced 11 books extolling the virtues of this beautiful island State, we have had the opportunity to experience the very best that Tasmania has to offer.

We want to share this inside knowledge, so whether you live here, are planning a trip, or just over here for a short visit, this is a resource that brings together the information, contact details and insider knowledge about anyone who has been in one of our books over the last 8 years.

If you can experience just a few of the things in this guide, you will be in for an awesome trip to Tasmania.

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Other books by Philip Kuruvita Photography

Philip and Vicki Kuruvita love living in and exploring this amazing state of Tasmania. They combine their talents of stunning photography and awesome design esthetics to make a great book publishing team and have to date produced 8 books of which 7 are Tasmanian titles.