Landscape and art photography - the stuff Philip does just for the passion!

Most photographers you talk to will tell you that they got into the industry because they just love taking pictures. All too often, however, this passion gets left behind in the struggle to create a business and earn a living. Very early on, Philip realised that the reason he loved photography was because it allowed him to describe the world, not only in terms of what he saw, but also how he felt. Over the last 20 years, Philip has continued a rigorous program of exhibitions which feature his landscape and art photography - the stuff he does just for the passion! Shooting purely for himself, these images are not constrained by briefs or other people’s requirements, and are a true reflection of the beauty that Philip sees in the world around him.

This is a random selection our extensive back catalog. Please contact us if you have something specific in mind. If we don’t have what you are after on file, perhaps we can create an image especially for you.