You only get one chance to make a first impression!

We make pictures that look like you on a really good day, so that you can feel confident that your first impression is going to be a great one


In the corporate world, a selfie from your phone just doesn't do the job.

Often critical decisions about who to engage with happen in the first few seconds of meeting someone. As so much happens online these days, having a well crafted profile shot is the most important first step.

 Your profile image is on display 24/7 . you never know when someone is looking at it with the thought of engaging your services or making a connection. Knowing that you have a well crafted image, that represents your values and presents you in the best possible light, means that you can rest easy knowing that your first impression is going to be a great one.

  Using skills honed over 30 years in photography, we will produce well crafted images that show you in the best possible light.

The Process
    1. Over the phone, we can discuss the image that you wish to portray, and discuss the best way forward in terms of location, what to wear, and the image that you wish to portray

2. Based on our discussions, we will schedule a shoot and make a series of images from which you can pick your images.In the studio, we will coach you through the whole process. How to stand, what to do with your hands, and how to get some genuine expressions and emotions into your images.

3. We will do final retouching and adjustments to the images that you choose, and deliver them via FTP transfer.

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The subtle differences that a well executed professional portrait can make will go a long way towards enhancing the perception that the business world has of you. There is still plenty of room to show your character, and the spark in your eyes while still adhering to a very high level of professionalism and sophistication.

Your head shot photography session starts from $185 for the shoot plus an image of your choice.  Contact us so that we can discuss your requirements.  We will give you an exact cost once we have had a chance to discuss your needs.

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