Jackman & McRoss

On November 6th 1998, a cook - Chris Jackman, a baker - Justin McRoss, and a waiter - Nerida McRoss opened a bakery/café specialising in fine breads, cakes and pastries. Jackman & McRoss was established in a heritage building in the historic area of Battery Point that, at the turn of last century, in a previous life, had boasted a bakery.

Jackman & McRoss quickly became a popular venue for locals and tourists alike and has gathered a loyal following for one simple reason - For the last 17 years, the theory has remained the same: keep the food rustic and simple, use good basic ingredients and concentrate on the flavours, and let the food talk for itself. With a philosophy of always cooking with generosity of heart, the menu changes with the seasons to take advantage of the bountiful harvest that Tasmania has to offer.

Jackman & McRoss continues with Justin and Nerida today in three locations: Battery Point, New Town and Victoria St, Hobart. Their hard working, loyal team and fantastic customer support base, means that they can continue cooking innovative food that is a feast for the eyes and a comfort for the soul.


57-59 Hampden Road, Battery Point, TAS 7004
p: 03 6223 3186

Open: 7.00am to 5.00pm daily