Don Camillo

First opening its doors in December 1965, Don Camillo is the oldest running restaurant in Hobart. Some old regulars say it was unofficially opened in 1964 without any legal licensing because that sort of legislation hadn’t been created yet for restaurants! 

Don Camillo was started by an Italian, Alberto Tucceri. With only a handful of other restaurants by its side at the time, it was the first to offer pasta with Bolognese sauce and Minestrone Soup. Dishes so familiar to us now, but back then drew crowds lined up outside waiting to taste real Italian food cooked by real Italian cooks!

Today it still operates much the same as it has done for over half a century. Dino Di Martini, named after a distant cousin from the same village who changed his name to Dean Martin, inherited the restaurant from his parents, his mother the cook for the previous owner Sergio Simonetto who took it over from the founder, Alberto Tucceri. A direct line that has ensured that the restaurant has always stayed in the same hands and that the vast range of loyal clientele have been catered for with solid years of consistency.

It is a testament to that sense of tradition and fine quality food that the Minestrone Soup and the Bolognese sauce are still amongst the most popular items on the menu.

Dino and his staff welcome their guests, with traditional Italian warmth and hospitality. They say ‘if it ain’t broken don’t fix it’, and the legions of Don Camillo fans agree.


5 Magnet Court, Sandy Bay, TAS 7004
p: 0456 108 872

Open: 5.30pm to late, Tuesday to Sunday