Strait Brands

Formerly known as the Apple Isle, Tasmania is now definitely the berry capital of Australia, with an abundance of fruit grown across the state. Yet just 13 years ago, Strait Brands couldn’t source enough fruit to launch its berry-based vodkas and gins.

Orchardists were so averse to selling on second grade fruit, which had no alternative commercial value as it was either too small, or too large for supermarket shelves, that they just let it fall to the ground. Strait Brands even had 24,000 bottles screen printed in 2005, but couldn’t lay its hands on fruit.

But the advent of poly tunnels - large tents protecting fruit from frost and heavy rain - has meant a proportionate increase in second grade fruit. A glut.

Strait Brands, based at York Town in the Tamar Valley, finally had the opportunity to bring its Strait Tasmanian Raspberry Vodka and groundbreaking Strait Tasmanian Strawberry Gin to the market in 2017. It also introduced lemon and cherry vodkas, both made from locally grown fruit.

Then, in November 2018, it demonstrated its renowned pioneering spirit again with the introduction of Strait Cameo Tasmanian Berry Gin, devolved from Tamar Valley raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. It was the first “pink” gin in Tasmania and is already a hit in the USA.

Strait has developed a reputation for innovation and adding value and now has five gins and five vodkas in its portfolio, bottled at source at its home at Permian Springs, in York Town, north of Beaconsfield.

Its prolific and super-soft water source was first discovered during British settlement of Northern Tasmania in 1804 and the berries it uses in its iconic Strait Tasmanian Sloe Gin come from Blackthorn hedging first planted in 1817. Some provenance.

Oh, and apples? You might ask.

Watch this space.

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