Pyengana Dairy

Over 100,000 people pass through the Pyengana Dairy’s Holy Cow Cafe each year. They come to sample the world famous cheese, for lunches and afternoon teas and to watch some of the most contented cows in the country coming into the milking shed with it’s fully automated milking process.

The dairy, in its current form is the brainchild of Jon Healey who, together with his wife Lyndall, have developed the dairy into the state of the art business that it is today.

Started by Jon’s grandfather Terry, the Pyengana Dairy was one of many cheese making factories that sprung up after the Pyengana Co-Operative factory closed its doors in the 1950’s. Pasteurisation became law in 1991 in Tasmania which meant that a big financial investment was required to continue making cheese. This proved to be too big a step for many of the small dairies in the area and most sadly closed. Jon sold everything that he had to make the necessary improvements, and in 1992 produced the first batch of the recreated Pyengana cheese.

Pyengana Dairy is now the largest producer of cloth wrapped cheddar in Australia focusing on one style of cheese. Their rounds of cheese are matured for around 12 months in a climate controlled underground cellar.

With a hot coffee and a basket of savoury scones, there is nothing better than to sit in the picnic garden and watch the cows making their way up to the milking sheds. Each cow is tagged and a series of electronic controlled gates ensure that only the cows who are scheduled for milking make it through to the robotic milking stations. The robotic milking machine has records for each cow and the entire milking process is conducted without human intervention. While they are being milked, the cows get a measured quantity of feed, and once the milking is completed, any remaining feed is automatically moved to a feeding station that the cows move to so that the next cow can be milked.

On the way out, the cows can stop off at the automatic back scratching machine and it is obvious that this is the best part of the day for them!


St Columba Falls Road, Pyengana TAS 7216
p: 03 6373 6157
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Open: 7 days a week, 9am - 5pm (10am-4pm in Winter)