The Beehive & Honey Tasmania

Tristan and Rebecca Campbell moved to Tasmania in 2000, drawn by its clean/green environment and lifestyle. A lifelong passion for the intricacies of nature led them to set up a beekeeping venture. Starting with one hive, the couple have now grown the business (along with two wonderful children) to the multifaceted business it is today: a few hundred beehives, a stall in an award-winning farmers' market, and a new extracting factory and bee centre - The Beehive.

Throughout the year, Tristan chases flowers from mostly native plants across the north of the island. The vastly different terroirs that the beehives visit, result in Honey Tasmania products that, just like the wines of the neighbouring Tamar Valley, reflect a strong sense of place.

At The Beehive, working display hives allow you a glimpse into the fascinating world of the honeybee. The industrious worker bees cleaning, organising, caring for the young and waiting on the queen. If you’re lucky, you might see the queen herself laying some of the 2000 eggs she can lay per day at the height of her season!

There is a tasting table with numerous pure floral varietal and flavoured raw honeys on offer, and a large collection of honey alcohols, Tasmanian whisky and gin, Honeybee products, honey beauty products, and numerous locally made gifts. Grab an ice cream, cold drink, or a bottle of golden mead and stroll around the new bee garden. Besides enjoying the flight of honeybees, bumblebees, butterflies and other pollinators, you can take note of what flowers to plant at home to help pollinators in your area. Loss of habitat is one of the biggest factors affecting bees at the moment and Rebecca and Tristan are driven by their love and passion for both the bees and the beautiful Tasmanian landscape they pollinate.

124 Main Road, Exeter TAS 7275
p: 03 6331 9300
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