Iron House Brewery & Distillery

Can there be a brewery in Australia with a more beautiful location than the Iron House Brewery?  Established in 2007, the brewery is located at Iron House Point. It forms part of the White Sands Estate looking out over its own private beach and out to the ocean.

Originally situated in a shed on the property, the brewery moved into its new home during a major renovation of the resort in 2009. It now takes centre stage in White Sands’ impressive main building, with the new German made still being added in 2014.

Under the stewardship of Michael Briggs, Iron House produces a vast range of traditional and special release craft beers, from a quaffable lager through to a rich honey porter.

All the beers are brewed with naturally filtered water, and Iron House Brewery is committed to brewing with quality local Tasmanian ingredients. It sources its malted barley from Joe White Maltings in Devonport, leatherwood honey from Tasmania’s Midlands and hops from Bushy Park in the Derwent Valley near Hobart.

With the inclusion of a new Distillery unit to the brew house recently, Iron House are now taking on an extra dimension by producing high quality, unique Tasmania spirit as well as their much loved craft beer. Grape spirit base grown and produced from the Estate vineyard is used to craft a Russian styled vodka, a spiced, hopped and citrus enhanced Gin and, of course, single malt Whisky.

Currently all whisky is produced using nothing but the finest local ingredients and is maturing in cellars within the confines of Tasmanian oak barrels, with a few specials releases being ex-Port and ex-Bourbon American Oak barrels. An incredible whisky of subtle flavour is slowly produced there by letting the wheels of time create a final product worthy of the undeniably beautiful state it's produced in.


21554 Tasman Highway, Ironhouse Point TAS 7215
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