Hobart Yachts

Docked together at King’s Pier Marina on Hobart’s waterfront, Helsal IV and Magic Miles are 62-foot maxi yachts, both veterans of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race and both luxury ocean ‘racer cruisers’. Experience the thrill of an ocean racing yacht combined with the comfortable leather and teak of a large luxury cruiser.

The skippers and crew are professional local sailors, all with stories to tell of life at sea and on their island home. Hobart Yachts has a menu of charters to choose from or you can shape your own private voyage. They can take you anywhere – from a few hours on the beautiful harbour to a full day sail to Bruny Island with gourmet lunch. You can even journey with them to the World Heritage wilderness of Port Davey in Tasmania’s South West, or sail the East Coast, with overnight anchorages at Port Arthur, Maria Island and Wineglass Bay. Why not circumnavigate Bruny Island or explore the Furneaux Group of islands in Bass Strait? There are so many options … you choose!

They also specialise in corporate and group events where they combine activities like yacht racing with helicopters, seaplanes and gourmet chefs – the sky is the limit.

While on board, try your hand at the helm or work the ropes. Learn about navigation and the art and science of sailing or just relax and enjoy the amazing scenery, local sea life, great food and stories. Being an island there is always somewhere that is sheltered, and if you’re lucky enough to be on an overnight charter you can try your hand at catching the evening meal. The best Tasmanian fare is a feature of all their charters and they are always happy to include some fresh caught seafood, accompanied by a fine local wine of course.

If you get the chance to go sailing with Hobart Yachts, don’t miss out.

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