Risby Cove

Risby Cove was named after Charles Wallace Risby, youngest son of the Risby timber merchant dynasty, who established a saw-milling operation around the northern side of the shallow inlet in 1889.

Encompassing the north-eastern stretch of Long Bay, Risby Cove lies at the head of the vast Macquarie Harbour which, as the West Coast’s only protected deep water port, facilitated nearly all transport to and from the area during the mining epoch of the 18th century. It was also the epicentre of the pining industry on the West Coast as the precious Huon Pine was harvested to produce some of the finest boat building timber in the world.

Risby Cove is Strahan’s only true waterfront accommodation, and offers a health-conscious, community-orientated restaurant. People from all walks of life mingle and enjoy a shared passion for natural, tasty foods. A strong dedication to fresh, powerful flavours with exciting new menu items can turn the most hesitant diners into enthusiastic supporters. Risby is proud to use local suppliers and has a philosophy of supporting the community and embracing sustainability while striving to offer quality food that is organic and free from pesticides, herbicides and any nasty chemicals!

Run by an amazing team of dedicated, inspiring individuals from all over the world, Risby Cove is a thriving hub that can be summed up in just three words: Simple. Honest. Historical.

During the day, explore the local rainforest, walk to the waterfall or take a trip on the mighty Gordon River. At the end of the day you can relax with a drink and watch spectacular sunsets looking straight down the magnificent Macquarie Harbour.

44 Esplanade, Strahan TAS 7468
p: 03 6471 7572
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