Van Diemen Quality Bulbs

The joy of tulips covering the landscape and the chance to walk in fresh country air has made the Table Cape Tulip Farm a very popular destination in recent years. This is the home of Van Diemen Quality Bulbs which is a family run flower bulb and farming business at Table Cape in NW Tasmania.

The farm was purchased in 1910 by Major Roberts-Thomson and is now transitioning from third generation Paul and Bronwen to fourth generation David and his sister Meredith.

While searching for an opportunity in intensive horticulture, the idea of tulips came from Paul’s much respected Agricultural Science professor, the late George Wade. The bulb business was commenced in the mid-80s and has continued to grow and diversify. This was a significant change from the traditional activities of stud Dorset sheep, Poll Herefords and vegetable cropping.

The farm now produces about 20 hectares of bulbs comprised of tulips, Dutch iris, hyacinths and liliums. A large proportion of the current bulb production is destined for home gardeners, either via wholesale clients or through their own mail order business. Gardeners love bulbs as they are packed full of surprises. They pop up out of the ground and lay on the colour.

For the last 25 years, the farm has been opened up to the public in spring. Each year at least 2 hectares of bulbs are planted for visitors to come and get some colour therapy. Tulip season begins in late September, and runs to late October, the final date often being determined by the season.

In the last 3-4 years this part of the farm has gained considerable momentum, significantly due to the increasing popularity of Tasmania as a destination, and the novelty of the operation. The Wynyard Tulip Festival, an annual celebration of all things Spring, is celebrated on the second Saturday in October, and during this time, the tulip farm, and the town of Wynyard have become must visit destinations in Tasmania.

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