Cape Grim Water

Cape Grim lies in the far north western tip of Tasmania, flanked by rugged coastline and wilderness. It's a place that looks and feels like nowhere else and that's because it is like nowhere else on earth.
The winds that roar through Cape Grim have travelled more than 16,000 kilometres across glacial southern oceans, passing no land, no city or factory.
Dark clouds build over the Great Southern Ocean, stirred by icy Antarctic winds as they race towards the Tasmanian coastline. Then, and only then, can we capture this pure and precious rain.
From the world's purest air comes the most pristine raindrops - a precious and rare resource. At Cape Grim they've been capturing this unique rain that falls on this untouched part of Tasmania since 1997.
Waiting for the precise climatic conditions that bring this pure, unadulterated rain to Tasmania takes perseverance. This means the soft, pure tasting Cape Grim Water is exceptional but also very rare.
Perfectly balanced, with a neutral palate, this water complements exquisite food, wine and whisky. You will only find it on tables in the finest restaurants and hotels in the world.

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