vélo wines

Welcome to vélo. If you love food, wine, art and life in general, this is the place for you!

There is an energy about us that sets us apart. It’s a shared passion for creating beautiful things with our own hands. At vélo you can meet the person who made the wine, painted the painting, designed the building and grew the food.

The ambience at vélo is very special. Set on a vineyard in a peaceful rural setting, the outdoors comes in through huge glass windows, the sky scape is dynamic and the restaurant is awash with natural light. Each wall tells a story, with photos, paintings and memorabilia showcasing the vélo story.

Our staff members are young, vibrant and knowledgeable. We taste, create and live our ‘vita vélo’ with passion and care, and our customers are just part of the family.

At the heart of our restaurant is a huge wood fired oven, providing traditional wood fired pizza, slow roasted meats and everything else we can get in there. We have a strong focus on seasonal local produce.

At the rear of the winery are three large terraced garden beds where we grow fresh herbs and produce for our restaurant.

There is a strong European theme to everything we produce at vélo, a reflection of the influence of over a decade of living, learning and loving the cuisines of France and Italy.

We hope we can provide you with a wonderful experience, great memories and some little vélo souvenirs to take home. Enjoy!

Mary and Michael Wilson
755 West Tamar Highway Legana, TAS, 7277
p: 03 6330 3677
e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
w: www.velowines.com.au