hillwood farmgate

Hilllwood Farmgate evolved from the diversification of Robin Dornauf’s dairy business Meander Valley Dairy. Robin started Meander Valley Dairy in 2003 using his life experience and knowledge of dairy farming to produce some of Australia’s finest double cream, crème fraiche, clotted cream, cultured butter and ice cream.

In 2010, having outgrown their existing factory in Launceston, Robin and his sons, Simon and Marcus, moved the business out to Hillwood. While their dairy business is still called Meander Valley Dairy (despite being in the Tamar Valley) the farm where everything is produced is now called Hillwood Farmgate.

On 100 acres overlooking the Tamar River, there was enough space for the factory plus some other projects, so Robin and his son Simon took the opportunity to grow strawberries. Growing their crop in purpose-built poly tunnels, they produce some of the finest fruit on the market.

Hillwood Farmgate uses the philosophy of supplying “single touch fruit” to the market. Their strawberries are field picked daily wth minimal handling of the fruit. The fruit is weighed, labelled and packed ready for market within minutes of coming off the plant and is sold Australia wide.

Never ones to rest on their laurels, the Dornaufs have many future plans for the farm. High up on the list is to expand the berry business with work well underway towards introducing other varieties such as raspberries and blackberries into the mix.

Currently their shop is open over the strawberry season from November to June and people can purchase fresh produce direct from the Farmgate. Their vision is to have a farm shop and restaurant where people can taste, buy and enjoy their products whilst learning about their food’s journey from paddock to plate.

139 Hillwood Road Hillwood, TAS, 7252
p: 03 6394 8092
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w: www.meandervalleydairy.com.au