coronea grove olives

Coronea Grove Olives is a family owned and operated olive grove located close to Launceston that produces one of the finest olive oils available.

It consists of 750 trees, the first of which were planted in 2000. A number of varieties were initially trialled but those that proved most successful in the cold and sometimes frosty environment are Frantoio and Leccino, both traditional Tuscan varieties.

The premium oil is from the Frantoio variety. Beautifully green and peppery, it is well balanced with both some bitterness and pungency producing a complex fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The Leccino variety provides a smooth buttery oil with some peppery after tastes that is ideal for all purpose everyday uses. It is also a deep green colour that looks fantastic on the plate when poured from its one litre cask.

A desire to benchmark the Coronea Grove olive oil against the best in Australia means that it is regularly entered in the Australian Olive Association National Olive Oil Show. Since the first Gold Medal and Best in Class in 2007, Coronea Grove has been consistent medal winners of gold, silver and bronze awards.

They are committed to best practice in all areas of production from careful tree planting and pruning through to immediate post-harvest cold pressing. They are also a signatory to the Australian Olive Industry Code of Practice, which certifies the authenticity and freshness of the olive oil, with a distinctive logo attached to their oil containers.

“At Coronea Grove, our production will never be huge but we will continue to concentrate on producing well balanced, cool climate Extra Virgin Olive Oil - the perfect oil for you to enjoy every day!”

Rob and Jen Goddard
121 Saunders Drive Hadspen, TAS, 7290
p: 03 6393 7856
e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.