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The Hardy’s are a fishing family who are now into the 5th generation based at Stanley in Tasmania’s far north west. Michael’s father Max Hardy was a pioneer of the shark and cray (Rock Lobster) fishery and Michael’s brother Garry is still crayfishing the West Coast of Tasmania.

While shark fishing off Stanley, Michael was intrigued by the amount of octopus inside the sharks being caught and decided to research octopus fishing. In 1978 experimental traps were made and were originally attached to the shark gear and had encouraging results.

Jan and the kids pitched in and began producing pickled octopus from their kitchen at home. Local shop owners, friends and family helped with product development, and after many trials and tribulations, a recipe and cooking method was established. Some of the recipes were refined by son Craig who took a real interest in the value adding aspect of the business.

As the business developed and sons Bradley and Craig took over the fishing, Michael and Jan were able to concentrate on market development which has resulted in a wide acceptance of their quality product and T.O.P. Fish Pty Ltd (Tasmanian Octopus Products) evolved.

Initially, the market was used to large, head-off octopus or small, imported octopus which were very cheap. However, once Michael and Jan were able to keep customers regularly supplied, their head-on octopus was recognised for its quality and freshness and has become a much sought after product around the country.

T.O.P. Fish Pty Ltd is now a well established business backed up by the next generation with Bradley, Craig and now Martin Hardy driving the business into the future.

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