the wagyu pie company and bakehouse

Craig and his wife Angela have been fortunate enough to have had a constant supply of prime Wagyu Beef over the past 10 years in payment for looking after their nieces and nephews while attending college. They cook this magnificent meat in every conceivable way. Once a Wagyu eater you can never go back! Thanks to Angela’s sisters, Lisa & Mandy from Hammond Farm, Robbins Island & Waterhouse, Tasmania.

Keith Hammond would always say to Craig (after a few bottles of red) that someone should make a Wagyu Pie. The seed that Keith had planted in Craig’s mind had started to grow. Angela and Craig had started to develop a small Wagyu herd at their property in Sheffield so the next logical step was to make some pies from their Wagyu cattle. They tested the pies in the market place (family and friends) and they always received a positive response.

Craig created the delicious Slow Cooked Wagyu Pie, perfected the Chunky and Minced Wagyu Pies, and so the Wagyu Pie Company & Bakehouse was founded. All of their pies are made the old fashioned way using their home grown, grass fed Wagyu Beef and butter pastry along with other quality Tasmanian ingredients.

A consistent source of good quality Wagyu Beef was their next problem. They had a small herd at their farm in Sheffield, but not enough for full scale production. Now they source their beef from Sheffield, Waterhouse and Robbins Island. The cattle are completely grass fed on rich Tasmanian pastures without supplements or hormones.

Their Slow Cooked, Chunky and Minced Pies have won silver and bronze awards at the Great Aussie Pie Competition in Melbourne. Their business has continued to grow and they are now selling a range of Wagyu Beef products, including homemade sausages in four flavours, as well as chorizo and kransky.

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