tasmanian wild harvest

Tasmanian Wild Harvest Angasi Oysters are NOT farmed, instead, theyare hand caught by local, experienced divers, who understand the importance of a limited natural resource. And as such are treated with great respect.

The Angasi are a strong creamy flavoured sub-tidal oyster. They do not spawn as such, with the next generation kept internally until they are a “mini oyster“ and only then are they expelled, and settle on the ocean floor.  A season from March to around November, means that the Angasi are only available for a relatively short time in comparison to farmed oysters.  A close relative of the famous European ”Belon“, they are highly desired by all who have savoured their rich salty flesh.

Several years ago, Sea Urchins (centrostephanus rodgersii) took over the sea floor along the east coast of Tasmania. This marine pest has caused catastrophic damage to the kelp beds. Brett & Janine met and became good friends with David Allen from Seafoods Tasmania in St Helens.  A Sea Urchin Processor and a new aspect to their business was formed.

Sea Urchin, or Uni as they are known, are a gourmet delight. Highly prized in Asian countries and by chefs worldwide. This new found product has inspired Brett and Janine to set up a commercial kitchen on their beachfront property at Montagu.

At present Sea Urchin Roe Butter and Sauce are being produced for the discerning consumer. These products are mainly used in pasta sauce, with the butter, being used on grilled ocean fresh fish or crustaceans. Any lover of fresh ocean products would find a myriad of uses for these unusual, but lush products!

In the near future, they plan to be producing a range of Smoked Angasi, as well as a dried and powdered form, which can be used as a stock enhancer for all forms of seafood dishes.

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