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Mark & Margaret Rawlings, who have been breeding Dexter cattle since 1997, moved from Western Australia to Tasmania in 2009 bringing their herd of 24 Dexters with them.  Settling on a 74 acre property in Preston, the cows have views out over Bass Strait to the north, Mt Roland and Black Bluff to the south, and an abundance of lush green pasture. Over time the herd has increased to over 100 including breeders and calves. Using natural farming practices and ethical animal husbandry the Rawlings have been able to demonstrate how versatile this naturally small, dual purpose breed of cattle really is. 

“The butchers are very impressed with the level of finish, quality and the quantity of beef each carcass produces” Mark explained “with many of the carcass yields far exceeding industry standards.  Dexters have a proven larger Eye Muscle Area (EMA) per 100 kg of bodyweight than any other breed; this means an increased volume of prime cuts.”

The choice of Dexters as their preferred breed of cattle has given them greater returns per hectare than larger breeds, and that equates to better profitability.  But to be truly successful they believe that there has to be commercial outlets for their Dexter beef. In terms of eating quality and smaller, healthier portion sizes, Dexter beef is a viable alternative.

It was clearly evident that they could supply their local Farmers Markets with a true paddock to plate product and in 2013 Preston Gourmet Produce was formed.  They allow their pricing structure for products to follow supermarket pricing, giving great value for money and gourmet quality to their customers, while ensuring a good return direct to them, the producers.

“The feedback from customers has been amazing, especially to our gourmet gluten free sausage range.  All the flavours seem equally popular and it gives a flavoursome gluten free alternative for growing numbers of people who are gluten intolerant” Margaret Rawlings said.

Mark and Margaret Rawlings
1599 Preston Road, Preston TAS 7315
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Open: Farmers markets in North West