kindred feijoas

After living in the Northern Territory for 30 years, Christine and John searched the NW of Tasmania for a suitable place to live in, work from and retire on. In 2010 they found their little slice of paradise, a 2-acre property nestled among the famous rich soils and vegetable farms of Kindred - which happened to include 96 feijoa trees!

A steep learning curve about feijoas followed – What on earth are they? How do they taste? Are they good for you? What can you do with them? How do you grow and look after them? The trees were about 9 years old at the time and about to start producing quite a lot of fruit in the coming seasons.

John was soon to retire from exploration geology and Christine was keen to begin a new project while establishing herself as a watercolour artist and teacher. After their first taste of this unusual and exotic fruit they were both completely sold so decided to give it all a try. They set about researching feijoas, developing the orchard and experimenting with the fruit which, interestingly, ripens in winter, unlike most other fruit in Tasmania. Kindred Feijoas was born!

Christine has produced jams, chutneys, jelly, topping and ice-cream and uses the fruit in various baking recipes, particularly her gluten-free range. John has experimented with wine which they enjoy with local cheeses accompanied by the feijoa jelly and chutneys.

To help spread the word about this delicious and nutritious fruit, they take the various products, along with fresh fruit in season, to farmers markets and are excited to be included in the 2013-14 Tasmanian Farm Gate Guide for the first time! Go Feijoas! A few vegie shops have taken the fruit and products which are also slowly being accepted into providores in the north-west. Christine and John are hoping other specialist foodie outlets throughout Tasmania will follow suit as the word about feijoas spreads.

John and Christine Earthrowl
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