cradle coast olives

Cradle Coast Olives is a family enterprise with a hands-on commitment to excellence. Carol & Tony O’Neil, with three generations of close family, have carefully guided the drive to produce unique and exceptional extra virgin olive oils for the gourmet market.

Cradle Coast Olives gained national prominence when their SA Verdale Extra Virgin Olive Oil was recognised as “Best Oil of Show” across all classes at the Australian Olive Oil Association Awards in 2007, and again in 2011. Their unique and exceptional olive oils have gone on to be regularly awarded national trophies, and gold and silver medals.

The purity of the oil produced by Cradle Coast Olives stems from the fact that the olive trees, all traditional European varieties, thrive in the rich red volcanic soil and pristine environment of northern Tasmania. The grove is situated in a valley micro-climate, ideally suited to low yield but highest quality olive oil.

Tasmania’s brisk autumns and early frosts ensure a low yield of gourmet quality, beautifully fresh viscous green oil with intensity of aromas and flavours not obtainable in more northern climes. Ideally enjoyed as a generous drizzle on fresh crusty bread with a smidgeon of crushed salt, Cradle Coast Olive Oil can be appreciated as a food in its own right with each variety having its own unique, distinctive taste. Alternatively it can be blended to preference for heightening any culinary delight from salads to roasts.

From the first plantings 17 years ago, to the careful tree pruning, drip feed irrigation, hand-harvesting and same-day on-site cold-pressing, Cradle Coast Olives have committed to following world’s best practice in all aspects of extra virgin olive oil production.

“Our passion grows out of our conviction that Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is pure and natural, not only satisfies the most demanding palate, but has wonderful health benefits.”

Tony and Carol O’Neil
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