cape grim beef

In the North-Western corner of Tasmania 40° 41’ South, those world-famous Roaring Forties whip away any trace of pollution as they blow across the Southern Ocean. Combined with low levels of development and its sheer distance from other landmasses, Cape Grim’s air quality is pretty unique.  Crystal clear air isn’t the only thing Cape Grim has going for it, rain quality hangs on air quality, so the rain is the world’s purest too. Given that it rains at Cape Grim for 187 days a year on average, the pasture there makes for perfect grazing land. So it’s hardly surprising that the British breeds of Cape Grim Beef, lungs full of clean air and bellies busy digesting the superior pastures on offer, have earned themselves a reputation for providing premium-grade beef, sought after by butchers and chefs who have built their careers on choosing the best produce and letting it speak for itself.

Greenham Tasmania is part of a sixth-generation meat processing business that began life in the 1860s as HW Greenham & Sons. For a time Greenham operated the Melbourne City Abattoirs; these days they pride themselves on over the hooks trading with local growers, where cattle are sold directly to the processor and feedback on carcass grading is used to continually improve beef cattle production.

The Greenham family took over the Smithton abattoir in 2001 and soon realised the quality of beef in Tasmania, particularly the North-West, was outstanding. Whilst the locals had known for decades that their grass-fed beef was special, it was the combination of a forward thinking processor, great cattle farmers, an ideal climate, knowledge and desire to create a great product that culminated in the launch of Cape Grim Beef in 2007. From humble beginnings, the brand has grown to include established loyal customers throughout Australia and internationally in Japan, Korea, Thailand, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia, Nepal, South Africa, Seychelles, USA and the Maldives.


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