blue hills honey

Having produced premium honey sourced from the pristine Tarkine wilderness since 1955, Mawbanna’s Blue Hills Honey has established a reputation as one of Tasmania’s leading honey producers and exporters.

Although producing a broad range of the finest honeys, Blue Hills Honey is renowned for its premium Leatherwood Honey - a uniquely Tasmanian product made from nectar collected by bees from the flowering native rainforest species Eucryphia Lucida at the heart of the Tarkine.

Tasmania is the only place in the world where Leatherwood honey is produced and being sourced from the pristine temperate rainforests of the Tarkine (home of the world’s cleanest air and water) means Blue Hills Leatherwood Honey stands out as a truly premium honey.

Committed to providing a quality product and professional service, Blue Hills Honey was the first Australian honey producer to implement a stringent industry-initiated quality assurance program in accordance with Australian and New Zealand food safety requirements.

Another feature that sets Blue Hills Honey apart is the fact the company employs a cold extraction process which ensures all natural components of the honey are retained. Cold extraction takes place at temperatures of less than 45°C as heat interferes with the make-up of the honey and can alter taste and colour.

Blue Hills Honey is owned and operated by the Charles family, the business roots tracing back three generations to Bernard Charles who kept bees as a hobby and a source of food. Rueben Charles (son of Bernard) and his wife Beryl expanded production to some 1600 hives and saw the business develop into a major Tasmanian bulk honey producer and the first Australian firm to export honey to Japan in the 1960s. Rueben’s son Robbie then began managing the business in the 1990s, along with his wife Nicola, overseeing the establishment of a packaging facility for retail and export markets in 2004.

HACCP, BQUAL number 1 in Australia, AQIS 1163, TAHG, HALAL, OFC 0498 Certified Organic

Robert and Nicola Charles
1858 Mawbanna Road, Mawbanna TAS 7321
p: 03 6458 8142
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