black ridge farm

Black Ridge Farm is situated at Milabena on the edge of the Tarkine and was established in 2009 by a family determined to produce quality meat with the highest integrity. In an area boasting the cleanest air in the world, high rainfall, rich volcanic soils, green pastures all year, rainforest and sea views, the opportunities are only limited by the imagination. That’s what attracted Don & Keryn Thomson when they bought their dream farm.

With professional backgrounds in agriculture, animal health and welfare, natural resource management and landscape architecture, Don and Keryn are passionate about animal welfare and environmental sustainability. They run traditional British breed Black Suffolk and Romney Marsh sheep, rotationally grazed on green pastures all-year, producing tender tasty lamb.

Black Ridge Farm is a family affair, with four young children, Angus, Erica, Hamish and Greer each responsible for an enterprise of their interest, as well as the usual farm duties.

Their production system is based on holistic resource management principles. Boer goats and Wessex Saddleback pigs are integral to their pasture improvement program, controlling blackberries, thistles and other weeds. Infrastructure is portable and flexible; able to be moved around the farm to respond to the needs of the livestock and the land. 

“Rare-breed Wessex Saddleback pigs are an ideal breed for free-ranging. The herd spends its entire life outdoors, free to do what pigs do naturally, root around in the soil. The result is moist and flavoursome meat with good intramuscular fat.” says Don and Keryn. 

Black Ridge Farm believe it is important to have control over the whole meat supply chain and only sell what is born and raised on the farm. Having a strong relationship with their customers gives the whole family great satisfaction and pride. They supply local restaurants, cafes and boutique accommodation, sell direct to the public and online.

Don and Keryn Thomson
829 Myalla Road, Milabena TAS 7325
p: 0407 105 130
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Open: by appointment