ashgrove cheese

Award winning Milk, Cheese, Cream and Butter. From grass to cow to you.

The Ashgrove milk and cheese factory is located at Elizabeth Town, in the heart of the dairying and cropping region in Northern Tasmania. Ashgrove Cheese, a Tasmanian family owned and operated company, with a team of dedicated locals have been producing award winning dairy products for over 20 years.

Ashgrove is all about the freshest and creamiest milk possible, bottling it to drink, crafting curds into cheese, separating the cream for market and churning farm house butter.

The majority of Ashgrove milk comes from Ashgrove Farms where it is delivered straight from the dairy to the factory.  These cows graze on a natural, nutrient rich pasture diet, resulting in milk that is pure in flavour, creamier and naturally sweeter.

Ashgrove Tasmanian Farm Fresh Milk and Cream have established a reputation for quality and flavour. This quality has been recognised nationally with Ashgrove Farm Light Milk being awarded Australia’s Best Milk in 2012 and DIAA Gold in 2014. Ashgrove Premium Natural Cream and thick Crème Fraiche is sourced by the finest chefs throughout Tasmania.

The flagship of the Ashgrove Cheese range is the handcrafted Cloth Matured Cheddar. Crafted using traditional techniques, then rubbed with oil and culture each week, this cheddar has a strong earthy flavour and has won many awards including Australian Grand Champion Cheddar twice.

The Ashgrove Cheese range has expanded over the years to include a range of flavoured cheeses including the famous Wild Wasabi, as well as a range of fresh cheeses such as Fetta, Havarti and Haloumi.

Ashgrove Tasmanian Farm Butter has won five gold medals since 2013. It has beautiful creamy texture and loads of flavour that can only be achieved by butter churned in small batches. Ashgrove Unsalted Cultured Butter is a beautifully balanced butter with the sweet creaminess matched perfectly with slight acidic tang created by the culture.

Ashgrove Tasmanian Farm
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Open: 7.30am - 6.00pm 7 days a week, October - March
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