Bruny Island Smokehouse

One of the very first things you will see as you roll off the ferry on Bruny Island is the small roadside stall  that offers some of the amazing smoked produce made by Tony McLaine of BISH - Bruny Island Smokehouse.

Specialising in premium wholesale smoked produce, you can drop in and have a chat to Head “Smoker” Tony who sources fresh local produce to hot smoke. His products have won multiple awards and are used by some of the best restaurants in Tasmania, and it is the perfect way to start your gourmet food foraging on Bruny Island.

Take some hot smoked salmon, wallaby or quail with you for your first picnic lunch on the island, but be aware that you will no doubt be back looking for more before too long!

Each of the different products that BISH has to offer is the result of a long process of development, with Tony working with each of the raw ingredients and coming up with the perfect combination of salting, marinating and smoking to achieve the complex flavours and textures that his products have become so well known for.

The quail has been treated with a variety of herbs and spices including pomegranate which imparts a subtle flavour and a beautiful colour that makes it a pleasure to serve.


360A Lennon Road, Bruny Island TAS 7150
p: 0429 606 255
e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
f: @bishwholesale