Our new book has arrived and it looks beautiful! - Eat Drink Love Tasmania

“Eat Drink Love Tasmania”  has now been release and is in bookshops well in time for Christmas.
This next book allows us to cover some of the unique establishments that are dotted around our great State.  Bespoke businesses that capture the essence and uniqueness of Tasmania. This is not quite a cookery book like our other books but rather a travel guide with recipes. It will look at some of the unique experiences that are available here, from cycling trails to walking tracks and wilderness adventures as well as the great produce, the pristine environment in which it is grown or caught, and the creative souls who turn it into world class food, wine and spirits.
This is now the eighth book that we have published, and I believe it has the potential to be the best.
This field guide to an awesome trip around the state for any adventure seeking, beer drinking, wine loving, foodie will be a must.

Participating businesses

  • BOOKS_logoWineglassBaySailWalk
  • BOOKS_logoWhiteSandsEstate
  • BOOKS_logoTasConservatory
  • BOOKS_logoTamarRidge
  • BOOKS_logoStraitBrands
  • BOOKS_logoStewartsBayLodge
  • BOOKS_logoStanleyHotel
  • BOOKS_logoSeeTasmania
  • BOOKS_logoSaffire
  • BOOKS_logoReliquaire
  • BOOKS_logoPyengana
  • BOOKS_logoPeacockandJones
  • BOOKS_logoNutpatch
  • BOOKS_logoMakersWorkshop
  • BOOKS_logoLandscape
  • BOOKS_logoIronhouse
  • BOOKS_logoHoneyTas
  • BOOKS_logoHenrys
  • BOOKS_logoGordonRiverCruises
  • BOOKS_logoGetShucked
  • BOOKS_logoFudgeNCoffee
  • BOOKS_logoFreycinetLodge
  • BOOKS_logoFranksCider
  • BOOKS_logoDrift
  • BOOKS_logoDevilsCorner
  • BOOKS_logoDevilUnzoo
  • BOOKS_logoCradleMtnHutsWalk
  • BOOKS_logoCradleMtnHotel
  • BOOKS_logoCountryClubTas
  • BOOKS_logoBrunyIsSmokehouse
  • BOOKS_logoBrunyIsPremiumWines
  • BOOKS_logoBoags
  • BOOKS_logoBlueDerby
  • BOOKS_logoBeaconsfield
  • BOOKS_logoBayofFiresWalk
  • BOOKS_logoAnvers

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Philip and Vicki Kuruvita love living in and exploring this amazing state of Tasmania. They combine their talents of stunning photography and awesome design esthetics to make a great book publishing team and have to date produced 7 books of which 6 are Tasmanian titles.