2 problems solved in one!

2 problems solved in one!

We all come across the same two problems every year, but because they occur 6 months apart its difficult to see how one can cancel out the other. No one likes paying any more tax than they have to, and most people aren't that fussed about shopping for corporate gifts at Christmas time. We can now offer a way to solve both of these problems at the same time! We now have a selection of 5 beautiful, hard cover books that make the perfect Christmas gift for all of your special clients. There is even a signing page so that you can personalise each one individually. By ordering your Chirstmas gifts before the end of the financial year, you can use it to reduce your tax liability and even better than that, you can tick of your Christmas shopping as DONE!

We can deliver them straight away, or hold off delivery until the end of November, which ever suits you.

We offer 25-30% off RRP ( $49.95 ) depending on the quantity that you order. Call us on 63342462 if you would like to look at the books or to order some.

because I am a photographer and not an accountant, you should probably check with your own bean counter to make sure this is going to be best for your business!!


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