Paterson Barracks

Paterson Barracks

One of the oldest surviving buildings in Launceston, PatersonBarracks was built in 1828, and was described at the time as thevery best brick building in Van Diemen’s Land.

As a commissariat store, it was designed to house food and supplies for the militaryand government officials in the young settlement, as well as forthe free settlers and convicts.The building was used by the Tasmanian volunteer forces, andthe Launceston Volunteer Artillery Corps which used the buildingfrom 1860.

Today it is home to Launceston’s cadet units andthe 16th Field Battery of the Royal Australian Artillery, the oldestartillery unit in the Australian Army, and the longest continuallyserving unit in Australia.


From Launceston a sense of place , Philip & Vicki Kuruvita available here

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