Newborn Portrait Photography

Newborn Family Portrait Photography

Quiet moments just sitting and watching baby sleep, the delight in their eyes when they see your face, the amazing strength with which they can grasp you finger.Beautiful, quiet moments, captured in black and white, which will capture forever just how tiny this little person was.

In years to come, you will look at these images and shake your head in amazement as you pick up size 13 basketball boots that are lying around on the bathroom floor.Capture the closeness and security they feel when being held by Mum and Dad and marvel at the contrasts in size and texture.I don’t believe that your newborn needs to be dressed up in cute outfits or photographed in a birds nest or flowerpot!


They are an amazing, unique, wondrous person in their own right and in some ways I feel that it is disrespectful to the person to play dress-up at this special moment in their lives.If you don’t need to be in fancy dress to have a meaningful portrait taken then maybe, neither does your newborn child.Lets just concentrate on how special they are and the love and family that surrounds them, and we will end up with images that will be meaningful for the rest of their lives.This is a fleeting moment that is passed through all too quickly.

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Slices of Life - Generations





Why not organise an extended family session, all the kids, the in-laws and the outlaws, the grand kids, cats and dogs. What a wonderful way to record your family with all the joy and enthusiasm that being a family brings. This is not normally a quiet peaceful session, rather it is more like a whirlwind that smashes its way through the day, but then, that’s what families are like - aren’t they? A great chance to make a number of the stages of life images in the one session, and to explore those special bonds that develop within families


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Slices of Life - Pregnancy

Slices of Life - Pregnancy
Chicken or egg? Start or finish? A life in portraits starts with pregnancy. Those first images before the birth day, the obvious bond between mother and her unborn child,
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