Testing the Fuji GFX 51 MP camera in the studio

Testing the Fuji GFX 51 MP camera in the studio

Over the last 5 days we have been doing extensive tests with the new Fujifilm GFX 51 MP camera thanks to the wonderful team at L&P Photographics in Sydney. It has been a real pleasure working in a medium format mind frame again and it makes me realise how much I miss shooting with the Mamiya RB67 system that we used for years and years for all our commercial work. That camera has now been relegated to the bookshelf to act as a book end, and only comes out occasionally when I need to show someone how a single reflex camera works due to the ease with which you can pull the various components apart to show the inner workings of the camera.

The fuji has been great fun to work with and I will post a bit more of a review once we have had a chance to evaluate the images and make some fine art prints.

Corporate Head Shots


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Monday, 21 August 2017

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