Faces of Launceston 20 years

Faces of Launceston 20 years


20 years! can you believe that! it seems like only yesterday that I was having a conversation with Australian photographic legend David Moore. I was busy telling him how I could not possibly start a personal project  because I had just arrived in Tasmanian, had a new business and a new family and was far too busy/stressed/overwhelmed to be adding  more to my plate.

To his credit, David gently insisted that in order to grow as a photographer and an artist, I needed to work as much on personal projects as I did commercial ones. I attended David’s memorial service in Canberra in 2003, by then, I was National Vice President of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, and just about to take on the job of President. It turns out that David had inspired a whole generation of Australian photographers, one at a time, to extend themselves and to make personal work which mattered. One after another, photographers from all over the country recalled how David had inspired and encouraged them to start making work that was important to them.

It is with great pleasure that we celebrate 20 years of the Faces of Launceston project. During the course of the last 20 years we have had 6 exhibitions and photographed over 500 people who live and work in this wonderful city.

These exhibitions have been major undertakings with three of the shows ( this one included ) presenting 100 new people each.  We have been fortunate over the last 20 years to have had great support from sponsors who have helped us to realise our plans and to  convert dreams into reality. To all our sponsors, past and present, I would like to say a huge Thank you. Your contribution and support is greatly appreciated, and the project could not have flourished over the last 20 years without you.

From the very beginning, I set out to document the people around me who share this city that accepted us when we moved from Sydney. It was a way of describing the many layers that make up the community and it has been a journey of discovery and joy for me. Along the way I have met people who have enriched my life and really made this place feel like home. Of course in Tasmania, becoming a local is not something that happens easily, and it was just a couple of years ago (after I had been living here for 25 years ) that I was asked if I planned to stay here! I told them that  staying here was not an option, and that I would be gone within the next 30 -40 years!

In the mean time, I hope to continue with this project for as long as possible. Already I have a new list started with names of people who should be photographed for the next Faces of Launceston exhibition. If you can add to this list please let me know!


How Time Flies!
Faces of Launceston 20 years

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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

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