Blood Moon

Blood Moon

October 8th 2014 Total Luna eclipse. Like everyone else, I decided to take some pictures of the moon whilst it was in the shadow, causing it to appear red.

The image looked fine, and when I went downstairs to download the files, the poster that I had been printing was still on my desktop. Our new book Launceston a sense of Place has the iconic Launceston Post office clock tower on the cover and I decided to have a bit of a play on photoshop to see if I could make the picture of the moon a bit more interesting. The resulting image seemed to gather a lot of attention and praise, so we have released a web special print for anyone who would like to own their own copy of the image.

The print is available for a limited time as a 400X580 mm colour print with a 90mm white border, ready for framing. It has been signed, stamped and titled "Blood Moon, Launceston 8th October 2014"

For more information - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Launceston, a Sense of Place launched at Town Hall
Advance copy has arrived

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