Faces of Launceston photographic exhibition

Faces of Launceston photographic exhibition

Faces of Launceston 1996


1996 marks the half way point in this project to document some of the people and faces of Launceston.


It is a photographer’s way to say thank you to the people and the city that have accepted our family so readily with warmth and genuine friendship.



In this, the second year we add another 32 images to the 35 from 1995. A total of 67 and well on target for 100 in 1997.


From the outset, I said that this was going to be a three year, 100 image project that would try to identify some of the people who add life, character and influence to this city that we call home. I am sure that if I had decided to take this on as a life time project, with thousands of images, I would have had no problems finding subjects.


The city is full of wonderful, exciting generous people, and anyone that you talk to can give you the name of someone else who would be perfect!


This project has been a real pleasure to do. The friendliness and willingness of all of the people that were approached made this a very easy assignment, and I would like to thank each and every one of them for their patience, enthusiasm and support in this venture.


Once again, enjoy the rare experience of staring deeply into the eyes of people that you know - as friends, neighbours or maybe just as acquaintances, These photographs allow you this luxury with out causing offence or making the subject feel uncomfortable. The camera takes that away for you and makes a detailed observation of a person and their environment a pleasurable experience for both parties.


Faces have universal appeal, the medium of black & white give the images a timeless quality. Together I hope that this collection provides a unique record to chronicle the personal history of this city and the time that we spend here.

Once again thank all those who have given so generously to this exhibition



Slideshow of Images from around the world
Time lapse from Faces of Launceston Exhibition

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