Time lapse from Faces of Launceston Exhibition





A quick time lapse movie from my Faces of Launceston photographic exhibition at the Academy Gallery, Inveresk

This was for my Faces of Launceston, the next Generation show that shone a spot light on the young people who were doing good things in the community Check out the message from the cleaners at the end!

faces of launceston - the next generation

Following on from the two previous Faces of Launceston projects, the Next Generation aims to celebrate the young people who are making a difference in our community. Whereas last time, in 2006, we focused on a broad cross section of the community, bringing together people from all walks of life, this time we are looking at the people aged between 15 and 30 who are doing great things and making a difference, both here in Launceston, as well as interstate and internationally. I am looking forward to the process of discovery as we start looking at this vibrant and energetic segment of the population.

The Exhibition of this work is scheduled for 26 August - 15 October 2010 at the Academy Gallery, UTAS at Inveresk.





Faces of Launceston photographic exhibition
Portrait slideshow from 2008

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