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Why not organise an extended family session, all the kids, the in-laws and the outlaws, the grand kids, cats and dogs. What a wonderful way to record your family with all the joy and enthusiasm that being a family brings. This is not normally a quiet peaceful session, rather it is more like a whirlwind that smashes its way through the day, but then, that’s what families are like - aren’t they? A great chance to make a number of the stages of life images in the one session, and to explore those special bonds that develop within families


As our families grow up and add the next generations to the family tree, there are some narrow windows of opportunity to make images that will stand the test of time. Five generations of women is a rare family portrait that many families don’t get a chance to make. Unfortunately it is a lot harder to get five generations of men together. Even four generations is hard sometimes, and at any stage during the stages of life program that we have, we are always delighted to take time to capture a generations portrait.
The nest is empty and you have been left to your own devices! After so many years of nurturing and looking after the kids, it can feel a bit strange at first, but by all accounts that feeling goes quickly as you find that your life has suddenly become so busy! Between visiting the kids, and looking after grandkids, travelling to warmer climates in winter and seeing the world in summer, you are trying to remember how you ever had the time to go to work and do all the mundane things that used to fill up your day. Now is the time to celebrate with our golden years relationship portrait that celebrates a job well done. As you look at the pictures, you will see those young people who fell in love all those years ago, changed only on the outside by a life of love and family. The lines on your face a record of the smiles and experiences, of a lifetime.
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