Slices of Life -Photographing Children

Slices of Life -Photographing Children
Both parents and children have to adjust to the influences of school, and it is a bitter sweet period for the parents as you realise that your child now has a part of their life in which you are not involved. They are learning new skills and wanting to use them, and it is much easier for your photographer to build a relationship and to capture those special expressions and moments. At this stage, we ask the parents to take a step back so that the photographer has a chance to engage with the child in one-on-one conversation. Once this is happening, all those emotions and expressions are never far behind.


If you have been following our Stages of Life program, it has been two years since your last visit, and there have been many changes. The very structure of their face is starting to change as the round baby face gives way to a more angular, grown up look. They will be losing their baby teeth soon, and their mature willing-to-please demenour means that we can attempt one of our classical portrait studies. Less candid and printed onto our beautiful stretched canvas, this session echos a tradition of portrait painting that goes back through the ages. Visit any of the great art galleries of the world and you will see a whole genre of portraits made at around this time in a person’s life. An artwork that will be enjoyed for many years to come and which will be handed down as part of the family history.
Bridging the gap between childhood and the next stage of life - Youth, this is a sensitive age where strong bonds are formed with siblings. 
A relationship portrait that explores these emotions will provide a range of great images, of the individual children and of their relationships with each other. Any hobbies or passions such as music or sport can also be included. It is also a good time to create an up-to-date family portrait.
The pre-teen years where busy schedules and growth spurts go hand it hand. The influence of friends is becoming more important and there is a growing sense of independence, however there is still times when hugs, kisses and praise from Mum or Dad is all that they want.
One of the best stages of life! Everything seems to be going okay, they are at peace with the world and themselves. A good time to be doing environmental portraits at home or the shack, including their hobbies and interests and perhaps even their best mate. At this stage again, we will look at both sibling and family portraits as well as a range of individual studies which will add to the rich history of images that we have produced up to now.
The last session of their childhood portraits. Your twelve year old is about to become a teenager! A gorgeous, happy age where self image is important. By now they are no stranger to being photographed, and it is nice to try and involve them in the planning process for the shoot. What do they want to do, how do they see themselves being photographed. It is still relatively easy to guide there ideas, but they really appreciate the fact that most of what we do is seated in the plans that they were involved in making. It is just as important to included them in the decision making process after the images have been shot, so that they have a say in what ends up going on the wall - after all, it is their home too, and they will be bringing their friends into the house. The last thing we want to do is to put something on the wall that they are embarrassed by.
Best time for baby photographs?
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