When Should I have Profession Photographs taken? - The Toddler

This is the stage that parents remember most vividly - for both the good and the bad! Independence is the key motivating factor. They want to walk by themselves, feed themselves, and they want to chose their ownclothes, and nothing is going to stop them! Often this stage is complemented by the birth of another sibling into the family, and as the prospect of pre-school draws closer, you realise that your baby has turned into a toddler.

15 months to 18 months

Never far from Mum or Dad, and still a bit insecure about meeting new people, a toddler is into everything. The contents of Mum’s purse is never safe, and appears hat they have mastered all of the TV remotes - something that you still need to come to terms with yourself! No button is left unpushed and a computer keyboard is the ultimate prize. Switching between full bravado and snuggling clinginess, at this age, the relationship between Father and child has been cemented. Whether it is the rough and tumble of hugs and wrestles, or the giggles of playing private games, Dad’s strong arms are a place
of refuge and safety.

two years

Two candles on the cake and your toddler starts this stage mature, calm and co-ordinated. Their understanding of language has developed and they can let you know what they want. Rituals are starting to develop, and everything stops until you can find their favourite cup! Any old teddy bear won’t do and you better not leave it at a friends house or you will be doing a late night dash! Most of the time they want to please you and are starting to understand concepts like time and sharing - even if they aren’t that good at it just yet. They are full of emotion and expression, and they have an opinion which they are not afraid to share with you. Portraits in the park or at a favourite location, with parents, siblings, cats and dog are ideal at this age.


three years

This is the age of make-believe and roleplays and having photographs taken at this stage will be an adventure. It can be an unpredictable age, and it is important to come to the photography session with your mind open to the possibilities. A three year old’s version of how the day should progress can be very different to an adult’s, and it is important to relax into it so that you are ready to capitalise on the moments that are presented rather than being fixated on some pre-conceived outcome.

When Should I have Professional Photographs Taken?...
When Should I have Professional Photographs Taken?...