What Happens When I Book a Professional Portrait Session?


the portrait experience


Because Philip Kuruvita Photography is a small, personal and exclusive studio, right from the start you’ll be dealing directly with the people who will be photographing you. We believe this is essential.
From your initial enquiry, whether it be by phone or email, you will be treated with dedication, warmth and respect. From the time you start your portrait experience you’ll be consulted at every step by Philip,Vicki or Sam who have over 30 years experience in running a successful photographic studio.


the portrait consultation

The first step in the process is a complimentary portrait consultation. You can sit down over a hot cup of coffee or a cool drink and Philip can share some ideas with you and help you plan your photography session.
You will be able to discuss the different options and styles available, ideas on locations, what to wear, etc. He will also cover the range of products available, the pricing structure and our client-friendly payment plan so you will have all the information you need. Philip will then book an appointment for your photo session. Payment of the session fee is payable when booking.

This consultation is totally obligation free and usually takes about 30 minutes.

the photographic session

The next step is the actual portrait photographic session which usually takes between 60 and 90 minutes.

In consultation with Philip you will have chosen a location for your portrait, whether it be at your family home, one of Launceston’s beautiful sites or parks or at our studio. Wherever you have chosen, we aim to make this a fun and delightful experience for everyone involved. The more relaxed you are about the experience the more natural the images will be.


the viewing session

This session, where we will view the images taken, is usually scheduled for a couple of days after the photographic shoot and takes place at our Studio. We will show you a slideshow of your images and then we will go through, a process of sorting the images into Yes, No and Maybe folders until we can identify the images that you would like to have.

Family photographs are among the most precious possessions that we have and we appreciate that you will want to make the right choices. It is therefore essential that all decision makers be available for the viewing.

The viewing session can take between one and two hours to view your images and make your selections. We suggest that you have someone to look after small children during this time as they find it less than interesting and therefore make it hard for you to concentrate on your selections. However we understand the constraints under which parents work, and if this is not possible perhaps you could bring along a favourite game or toy that will help keep them entertained.

our guarantee

We offer a total satisfaction guarantee with your portrait images or we will reshoot the session at absolutely no additional charge to you. As our name is on all our work, we want to see only the best images hanging on your walls for everyone to admire. It’s your assurance that we will be working as hard as we can to give you the best possible images.

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