Dried Row Scallops


Every cook book that we make produces at least one recipe that somehow becomes a staple in our house. A recipe that is easy to do and which produces amazing results that never fail to surprise and delight anyone who tastes it. The recipe that has really taken my fancy from our latest book Island Catch, Seafood of Tasmania is one from the Tasmanian Divers Group and is a recipe for Dried Roe Scallops

A very simple dish that has a beautiful twist. The first thing that you need to do is remove the orange roe from your scallops and dry them out until they are brittle. You can do this in a covered pan over a low heat, in an oven or in a dehydrator. it can take 1-1.5 hours for them to dry, but once dry they can be crushed into a fine sand.
This dried roe powder has an incredible intense flavour which really lifts the dish.
Once you have dried the roe and crushed it as fine as possible, you add crushed garlic, chilli, basil, olive oil, butter and lemon juice, mix it all together and cook your scallops in it for 6-9 minuets. Garnish with fresh basil and a squeeze of lemon and tuck right in!
Ingredients12 scallops, including shellscrushed garlicchilli, finely dicedbasil, finely dicedolive oil2 tbsp of butterjuice of 1 lemon
Dried Roe Scallops |serves 4
MethodRemove scallops from shells, clean and separate roes.Place roes in a pan over heat with lid on to dry out roes. This may take approximately 1-1½hrs.When roes have dried, crush as finely as possible.Add crushed garlic, chilli, basil, olive oil, butter and lemon juice and mix together.Add scallops to roe and butter mix and cook for 6-9 minutes.Remove from heat and serve on some of the discarded scallop shells.
We cooked these on an open fire on the rocks after diving for the scallops (we had the dried roe powder pre prepared ) The scallops had been in the water less than an hour ago and the flavour exploded in your mouth. If you like scallops you really should give this a go.
 This recipe and heaps of other great adventures for your mouth can be found in Island Catch available here https://kuruvita.com.au/index.php/shop/category/21-books
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