Tasmania is a beautiful place to vist

Tasmania is a beautiful place to vist

we came to Tassie in 1988 as our own bicentennial project. Since then, we have made a life and a family home here

faces of launceston 1995 - 1997 artist statements




If cities were just building materials, they would be the same the world over. The individual life, character and flavour of a city comes from its people.


This exhibition begins a body of work that identifies the people who add character and influence to the City of Launceston.


We came here from Sydney in 1989, seeking an improved lifestyle and a better place to raise our family. We were prepared for a different environment but found, to our surprise, that the people of this special city were also different - they captivated us with their ready acceptance, genuine welcome and eagerness to become our friends.


This exhibition is the beginning of a project to depict the faces of contemporary Launceston, and in this way says thank you to the city and its people for the way they have helped us assimilate into their community. I expect to build the collection over the next three years and will have no shortage of subjects - everyone knows someone that they think should be photographed, don’t you?


Every place you visit has its characters, celebrities, heroes, villains, barons and battlers. But it is often the ordinary people who turn out to be extraordinary. This collection has representatives of all these groups - people who all add to the flavour of Launceston with their individual goals, dreams, activities and life pursuits. I have been amazed at the stories they tell, the diversity of interests they have, and the rewards I have achieved from compiling this collection - and I have only photographed the first 35!


How often would we like to spend time looking into the eyes of a person, to properly form an opinion about them? Society tells us that this is impolite, with today’s convention of brief eye contact at shutter speed giving us our only chance to make a detailed examination of a person’s face.


These photographs allow you to take time to study the faces of your friends, neighbours and acquaintances without causing offence. Enjoy one of life’s rarer experiences!


Faces have universal appeal and the photographs are timeless. Together I hope this collection provides a unique record to chronicle the personal history of this time and place.


Photographs cannot be taken, rather they must be given.

Thank you to all those who gave to this exhibition.



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