15 Summers to make family portraits with your kids 

When you think about it, we only have about 15 summers with our kids before they start to want to go off with their friends and create lives of their own.
while we want them to grow up and become independent,  we will look back on those years as a tight knit family with fondness and a touch of nostalgia.
It certainly makes you realise that it is important to make the most of these special years and to capture some of the joy and laughter that you share.
for many of you, time is nearly up, and as the kids start to think of jobs and university, time together as a family gets harder and harder to orgainse.
As we enjoy the last days of this summer,  now is the time to organise that family portrait that you have been talking about for so long - I know this because a week wouldn’t go past without someone coming into our studio and saying that they have wanted to do this for so long, but with kids at school, before and after school sport and busy weekend, it has always been push down the list of things to do 
The long warm evenings that we are having at the moment are perfect for portrait shoots after work, the light is great, and its nice to take a  bit of time to be together as a family.
Soon the leaves will be falling off the trees and Tasmania is at it’s most beautiful. Stunning scenery, Autumn colours and the cooler weather makes for the perfect combination when it comes to family portraits, and once the kids have gone off to work or  uni for the year the house will still be filled with the warmth and laughter that you shared on that day
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