Tuscany, Italy

Seems like only yesterday, but it was in fact 6 years ago that I ventured out on a dark morning somewhere in the middle of Tuscany.
We were staying in a small medieval  hill town which have views out across the valley, and after a splendid dinner in a small restaurant I planned out my shoot for the next morning.
 There was a small castle on the top of the hill, and I had worked out a location about half way down the hill from which I figured I could get a nice shot of the castle. 
The next morning I left in the dark and proceeded towards my chosen spot only to find that the road had been blocked and a detour was in place talking me right around the other side of the hill. 
With no knowledge of this side of town, and my shoot plan out the window I started looking for something to photograph. The sun was coming up and I really didn’t have much time to play with, so I stopped at the local cemetery to see if there was a picture to be had - there wasn’t, but on my way back to the car, I decided to look over the edge of the hill, and was presented with a series of images that took my breath away. 
The sun was creating some great colour in the sky and there was a low rolling mist that we had not seen before ( or after for that matter ) .
The only thing that you don’t get to experience through this image is the doof doof music that was coming from across the valley as the people at the all night rave welcomed the morning sun.
From up on the hill, there was a great panorama of views and by zooming in with a long lens, I was able to create a series of images that were very pleasing to me.
This is probably a good time to talk about the fact that all of this type of photography that I do  is pretty much ego-centric , I shoot the images that please me, and while I am always surprised and delighted when other people love the images so much that they want to hang them in their homes,  in the first instance , they have to please me.
 I feel very fortunate that I can make my living taking pictures for people. Whether it is a family portrait, or a commercial product shot, most of my working life consists of working to some sort of a brief. I have been lucky/worked hard to ensure that the people who commission me understand that they are asking me for more than just the loan of my camera, and that they want and need me to use my judgment and eye to create images that , hopefully, are more than they dared to imagine. 
So when I go on holidays and am shooting in my role of hobby photographer, I want the images to be purely for my own enjoyment.  I think that the minute I start trying to make images thatI think people would like to buy, I will not only be less effective in making good images, but I will also lose the joy of having a hobby that I really love. This does not stop me from gaining just a little bit of extra joy if people decide that they would like to buy a copy of an image for their home! We actively encourage this, you can see some of the images that we have for sale in our Artprint gallery
This gallery has just a tiny selection of images, which we are  constantly adding to, so if there is something in particular that you are looking for, from Tasmania, Australia or from around the world,   send us a quick email, you never know what we might have.
While the mist hung around for a while, the next half hour was spent making some of the best images from that trip, and as the morning light gave way to daylight, I felt like I had taken the images that were on offer that morning. With the sun streaming in I decided to head back, and came face to face with this beautiful deer just enjoying the morning sunshine.
When I got back to our accommodation, Vicki was still asleep, and was woken by a hyper excited and happy photographer.
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