Every now and again, you come across an image that is just begging to be made!

I had seen these  vintage boxing gloves hanging on the wall at my Osteo’s rooms and thought it would be good to make an image. 
Josh let me borrow them and I went searching for a wall that reminded me of an old time boxing gym ( The kind of place a young Rocky would have been comfortable in) 
Luckily , Launceston has a number of options, and I found a suitable background to make my image.
I love it when a single image can build a picture in your minds eye. Can you feel the place? The smell of sweat and lineament, the sound of a leather skipping rope twirling through the air and  someone on a speed bag setting the tempo. Shafts of light streaming onto the central ring, and a sense of hard work and melancholy all rolled into one.
Frank was Josh’s grand father and a part of him lives on in this picture. I have made large prints of this image, and the bigger it is the better it looks. Shot on a medium format 50megapixel camera, the cracks in the leather and the patina on the walls really help tell the story of a bygone age.
Dried Row Scallops
Monument Valley