Images from around the world

Images from around the world

Who doesn't like to travel? the chance to visit different places, immerse yourself in the customs, culture and food of different countries and to interact from people who live different lives to the one we do here in Tasmania.

Looking at the world through a camera, making images that try to explain not just what I  am seeing, but how I felt and interacted with the situation has been a life times work, and travel has helped me hone my skills. When you are in a new place, everything is new and exciting, and it seems that everywhere you look, there is yet another amazing photo opportunity. I see this as good practice for when you are home, in more familiar surroundings. It's harder to get excited about something that you see every day, but you must remember that there are people who have come to your hometown as part of their holiday, and are seeing it for the first time, and they are certainly finding exciting, interesting things to photograph.

Tasmania is a beautiful place to vist
After the fire

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Tuesday, 04 August 2020

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