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When Covid 19 hit last year and everything went into lockdown ( for some of you that was just the first time ) Vicki was in Albury NSW, looking after her Dad who was not feeling so good. When it became apparent that the whole country was going to shut down and that we would not be doing any photography work, I decided to go to Albury too so that at least we could go through the lockdown together. We were there for 9 weeks , only returning home when we were allowed to self isolate at home rather than in a government allocated hotel. All in all it was not too bad, in Albury we could still go for walks, and when we got back to Tassie we renovated Sams office during the two week isolation. We also hired a skip and got rid of heaps of junk that had been lying around for years. The only down side was that when we got back into work, our large format printer had been idle for nearly 3 months, and the ink had dried in the head and the short version of the story is that we had to get a new print head which ended up costing around $2500. Ouch!


I tell you this because we have decided to preempt this happening again by doing a monthly image which we will have available at a ridiculously low price ( its cheaper for us than another new print head! )


At the start of each month for the whole of 2021 we will be offering one of our Art Prints for just $100+P&H The prints will be 500mm on the shortest side, so a square image will be 500mmX500mm and a rectangle image will be about 500mmX800mm depending on the final crop . The offer will be live for 7 days only .


The images will be signed and embossed with our logo and will be delivered in a post tube ready for framing. 


This is a massive saving on our normal Art Print costs as you will see if you visit our webpage at


We are currently building our Art Print section and will be adding images from our archive as we sort them.


The first image that we are offering as a monthly special is one of my favourites, taken at The Devils Marbles, just south of Tennant Creek NT. Shot in the warm glow of dawn, I was really happy with the balance of this image  and in the past we have printed this as a large exhibition print, and it looked fabulous! The final print size for this image will be 32in X 20in or 830mm X 500mm



follow the link below to secure your copy of this image before it goes back up to the regular price:


me in my happy place 

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