So Close!!


Our latest book Island Catch, Seafood of Tasmania is not going to make it here by Christmas, another victim of Covid-19. It will however be here early January, and we are offering gift cards which you can wrap and put under the Christmas tree, with free delivery anywhere in Australia when the books arrive in January. We are offering two options, the first is a beautifully designed gift voucher that you can download and print yourself, the other is a boxed gift card which we will post to you or the recipient . Either way, when they arrive in January, the books will be posted to the delivery address you give us. On the order form there is a spot where you can ask for the book to be signed, and /or a dedication. As with anything at this time of the year, we will post the boxed gift vouchers the day that you order it, but after that it falls at the mercy of the postal system, who are doing their best with a very heavy case load!

This is a beautiful book ideal for anyone who likes seafood ( there are about 50 great recipes in the book ) photography, or Tasmania. Whats not to like about all three!

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